Joint Statement with Planetree International on Preserving Family Presence During Pandemics

The International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services and Planetree International participated in a ‘pop-up’ coalition of over 60 organizations to preserve family presence during pandemics. The international group represented patient and long-term care advocates, quality and safety professions, and global healthcare policy makers. To view the guidelines and read the full statement, follow this link: HPH Planetree Joint Statement on Preserving Family Presence During a Pandemic

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Update on HPH Standards soon available

The HPH General Assembly has requested to revise the HPH Standards. Until now, important progress has been made in reviewing the different HPH standard sets available and moving towards the formulation of a set of ‘umbrella’ standards, which will be launched at the next HPH conference in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The original HPH standards have had a major impact on the HPH network and have been very positively received by external partners (scientific associations, health authorities, researchers, professional bodies). The HPH expects the new ‘umbrella’ HPH standards to be even more impactful and serve as a yardstick for HPH implementation as part of the new Global HPH Strategy. During the General Assembly a beta version of the first modules for this new international initiative will be presented, which is also aimed to link to national/regional activities and different languages.

HPH will set up an eLearning-Platform

To foster learning opportunities, the International HPH Network will set up an eLearning-Platform. The aim is to create engaging content through audio-visuals and make learning materials available to all members.

The HPH eLearning programme will be aligned with the new HPH strategy and umbrella standards and reflect the global diversity of the network.

More information about the HPH eLearning programme will be presented at this years International HPH Conference in Seoul.