30th Meeting of the HPH General Assembly

02. June 2022

The 30th meeting of the HPH General Assembly on June 1st, 2022, was a great success. The international culture of the network was represented with participants from 18 different countries in attendance: Australia, Austria, China, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, and Sweden! Biannual General Assembly meetings provide the International Secretariat, Conference Secretariat, Governance Board Members, National and Regional HPH Coordinators, Task Force and Working Group Leaders and single HPH members with the opportunity to come together and discuss important network developments.

Highlights from the meeting include:

  • The formation of the new Task Force on Health Promoting Built Environment, led by Elke Miedema PhD, which will focus on orienting the building design of healthcare facilities towards designs that support health and the formation of a Governance and Policy Working Group, led by Dr. Sally Fawkes, that will focus on supporting HPH network advocacy activities.
  • Presentations from two HPH members in Israel: Adi Baumgarten MScPT of the the Herzfeld Geriatric Rehabilitation Medical Center and Dr. Yaron Watts, MD of the Loewenstein Rehabilitation Medical Center showcased how they implemented innovative health promotion programs at their organizations which had positive outcomes for patients, staff, and the community.
  • The 2020 Standards for Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services have now been translated into 11 languages (and counting)! We would like to thank and congratulate our Networks and members who helped us reach this milestone. We are extremely proud to disseminate the many years of knowledge and experience reflected in this work around the globe. See all translations here. 
  • Plans for collaborative development of the HPH eCommunity, which will facilitate the exchange of best practice examples, Task Force and Working Group outputs, articles, and tools related to each of the 2020 Standards for Health Promoting Hospitals & Health Services.

The 31st Meeting of the HPH General Assembly is planned for November 2022.

Pictured L-R from top: Margareta Kristenson (Sweden), Keriin Katsaros (International HPH Secretariat/Germany), Bożena Walewska-Zielecka (Poland), Ming-Nan Lin (Taiwan), Giulio Fornero (Italy), Oliver Groene (International HPH Secretariat/Germany), Astrid Loidolt (Austria), Diane Levin-Zamir (Israel), Ralph Harlid (Sweden), Yaron Watts (Israel), Adi Baumgarten (Israel), Cristina Aguzzoli (Italy), Jaekyung Lee (Korea), Róza Ádány (Hungary), Cristina Iniesta (Spain), Gladys Wong (Singapore), Marianne Hochet France), Gabriella Szörényiné Ványi (Hungary), Elke Miedema (Netherlands/Sweden), Tatiana Vader (Israel), Nina Peränen (Finland) Not Pictured: Sally Fawkes (Australia), Alan Siu (Hong Kong), Mitsuhiko Funakoshi (Japan), Zou Yanhui (China)