We welcome any hospital, health service, or organisation with an interest in Health Promotion to join the International HPH Network and become a part of a community with almost 600 health care institutions world-wide. Our network works to support all health care organisations in their efforts to be health-oriented and to ensure that prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation be viewed from a health perspective.

Member Benefits

There are evidence-based arguments for health care institutions to invest in health promotion and to increase focus on health promotion and health policy on health care.

Patient and patient organizations will benefit from HPH because we focus on the perceived needs of patients and relatives, creating better chances for self-determination and self-care. These aim to achieve a better quality of hospital service and quality of care, while improving the sustainability of health outcomes.

Clinical Staff will benefit from HPH through its focus on health outcomes, health-related quality of life, patient satisfaction and health literacy, and by including health promotion principles such as empowerment and co-production into their professional standards. At the same time, all hospital staff will benefit from workplace health promotion strategies to reduce back pain, stress, hazardous exposure to substances, and injuries.

Health orientation and promotion is important for hospital owners and management. These principles serve to create strategies and processes for improving the health gain of services, thereby improving effectiveness and efficiency and providing more value for money. The reputation of health care institutions, both as service providers and workplaces, can be improved, repositioning health organisations in a competitive health market.

How to join the HPH Network?

Individual Membership:  Hospitals and health services without an existing regional or national HPH network can become members of the HPH network at the individual level.

Network (Corporate) Membership:  Hospitals aiming to join the HPH network at a corporate level must ensure the presence of an existing HPH regional or national network within their country. For establishing a regional or national HPH network, a minimum of three hospitals within a specific region or country is required.

Affiliated Membership:  Affiliated membership is extended to institutions and organizations that may not fall under the category of hospitals or health services but share a commitment to supporting HPH’s vision and work in health promotion. This membership level welcomes entities that contribute to advancing health promotion goals, broadening the network’s reach and impact beyond traditional healthcare providers.

Individual Membership

Step 1: Fill out the Letter of Intent (LOI) for your Hospital/Health service.

Step 2: Check the List of networks to see if there is a national/regional network in your country

Step 3: If a national/regional network exists, send the LOI to its network coordinator, who will forward it to the International HPH Secretariat.

Step 4: If no network exists in your area, email the LOI directly to the International HPH Secretariat, as you may also register as a single member.

Step 5: Following approval by the HPH Governance Board, your hospital or health service will attain HPH membership, accompanied by an official certification.

*Please select Affiliated Member on the Lettter of Intent (LOI) to become an affiliated member.

Network (Corporate) Membership

If your region or country is home to three or more hospitals or health services that are eager to collaborate, you can establish a National or Regional Network of Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services (HPH). These networks serve as coordinating institutions as crucial liaisons between individual members and the International HPH Secretariat. 

Becoming a National/Regional HPH Network:

To initiate, simply complete the HPH Network Agreement form. By affixing your signature to this document, you express your commitment and willingly embrace the obligations associated with a corporate membership.

HPH Fee Structure

Hospital or health services acquiring HPH membership are required to pay an annual membership fee. Our fee structure is organized according to the World Bank country and lending groups.

Standard Membership Fee

330,00 €

per HPH member hospital/health service (upper-income countries)

Reduced Membership Fee

220,00 €

per HPH member hospital/health service (middle-income countries)

165,00 €

per HPH member hospital/health service (low-income countries)


List of National/Regional HPH Networks

Australian HPH Network

Number covered: 6
Coordinating Institution:

La Trobe University, School of Public Health

Bundoora Campus, 3086 Melbourne, Australia

Contact: Sally Fawkes


Austrian HPH Network

Number covered: 22
Coordinating Institution:

Österreichisches Netzwerk Gesundheitsfördernder Krankenhäuser und Gesundheitseinrichtungen

Stubenring 6, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Contact: Evelyn Kölldorfer-Leitgeb


Catalan HPH Network

Number covered: 21
Coordinating Institution:

Health Promotion Chair of University of Girona

Pic de Peguera 15, 17003 Girona, Catalonia, Spain

Contact: Cristina Iniesta Blasco


Czech HPH Network

Number covered: 11
Coordinating Institution:

Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, Department of Health Care

Palackeho namesti 4, 12801 Prague, Czech Republic

Contact: Mgr. Lenka Hynštová


Emilia Romagna HPH Network

Number covered: 14
Coordinating Institution:

Direzione generale Sanità e Politiche sociali, Regione Emilia-Romagna

Viale Aldo Moro 21, 40127, Bologna , Italy

Contact: Amelia Ceci


Finnish HPH Network

Number covered: 22
Coordinating Institution:

Finnish Health Promoting Hospitals and Organizations

Kynnystie 2 b 18, Jyväskylä, Finland

Contact: Nina Peranen

French HPH Network

Number covered: 7
Coordinating Institution:

Lieu de Santé promoteur de santé (LSPS)

96 rue Didot, 75014, Paris, France

Contact: Anne Borgne


Friuli Venezia Giulia HPH Network

Number covered: 7
Coordinating Institution:

Azienda regionale di coordinamento per la salute (ARCS)

via Pozzuolo 330 – 33100 Udine, Italy

Contact: Cristina Aguzzoli


German HPH Network

Number covered: 15
Coordinating Institution:

Deutsches Netz Gesundheitsfördernder Krankenhäuser und Gesundheitseinrichtungen e. V. (DNGfK)

Eislebenerstraße 7A, 06449 Aschersleben Germany

Contact: Marit Derenthal


Hong Kong HPH Network

Number covered: 6
Coordinating Institution:

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital — Stubbs Road

40 Stubbs Road, Hong Kong (SAR)

Contact: Alan Siu


HPH Network of Korea

Number covered: 19
Coordinating Institution:

Seoul Metropolitan Government Seoul National University Boramae Medical Center

20 Boramae-ro 5-gil, Sindaebang-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Contact: Jae Kyung Lee


Hunan HPH Network

Number covered: 3
Coordinating Institution:

The Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University

Tongzipo Road, 410013 Changsha, Hunan, China

Contact: Zou Yanhui


Indonesia HPH Network

Number covered: 5
Coordinating Institution:

R. Syamsudin, SH Regional Hospital

Jjjl. Rumah Sakit No. 01, 43113 Sukabumi City Indonesia

Contact: H. Suherman


Japan HPH Network

Number covered: 114
Coordinating Institution:

Chidoribashi General Hospital

5-18-1 Chiyo, Hakata-ku,Fukuoka, Japan

Zip code 812-8633

Contact: Mitsuhiko Funakoshi

Piemonte HPH Network

Number covered: 10
Coordinating Institution:

CIPES Initiative Center for Health Promotion and Health Education

Lungo Dora Savona 30, 10152 Torino, Italy

Contact: Dr. Giulio Fornero

Polish HPH Network

Number covered: 10
Coordinating Institution:


Contact: Bożena Walewska-Zielecka


Swedish HPH Network

Number covered: 70
Coordinating Institution:

Region Östergötland, Folkhälso- och statistikenheten

581 85 Linköping, Sweden


Ralph Harlid




Taiwanese HPH Network

Number covered: 140
Coordinating Institution:

Taiwan Society of Health Promoting Hospitals

3 F., No. 400, Sec. 2, Bade Rd., Songshan Dist., 10556 Taipei

Contact: Ming-Nan Lin


Trentino HPH Network

Number covered: 7
Coordinating Institution:

Healthcare Trust of the Autonomous Province of Trento

Via Degasperi 79, 38123 Trento, Italy

Contact: Dr. Ilaria Simonelli


List of Single HPH Members

List of single members

Members Country
Amir-al-Momenin Hospital Islamic Republic of Iran
ASL Roma 1 Italy
Assuta Medical Centers Israel
Azienda Sanitaria Locale Viterbo Italy
Azienda Socio-Sanitaria Territoriale Italy
Bambino Gesù Pediatric Italy
Baqiyatallah Hospital Islamic Republic of Iran
Behboud Hospital Islamic Republic of Iran
Bimarestan Erfan Niyayesh Islamic Republic of Iran
Bispebjerg Hospital Denmark
Carmel Medical Center Israel
Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal CHUM Canada
Cheerus Dental Clinic China
Chu Saint-Justine Mother and Child University Hospital Center Canada
Dalian Kaishi Friendship Hospital China
Deyang No.5 Hospital Co., Ltd China
Erfan Hospital Islamic Republic of Iran
Eugeria Foundation Norway
Everspring Health Care Center China
Flemish Institute of Healthy Living Belgium
Herzfeld Geriatric Rehabilitation Medical Center Israel
Horizon Healthcare Management(Shanghai) Co., Ltd China
Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valencia Spain
Imam Hossein Medical, Educational and Research Hospital Islamic Republic of Iran
Iran Melli Bank Hospital Islamic Republic of Iran
Jining No. 1 People’s Hospital China
Kaplan Medical Center Israel
Khanevadeh Hospital Islamic Republic of Iran
Khoo Teck Puat Hospital Singapore
King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital Saudi Arabia
Kisugu Health Staff Association Uganda
Leeds Teach Hospitals Trust NS United Kingdom
Liaocheng People’s Hospital China
Loewenstein Rehabilitation Medical Center Israel
Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Hubei Province China
Moritz Kaposi General Hospital Somogy County Hungary
Nazareth Hospital EMMS Israel
Oporto Hospital Center Portugal
Penang Adventist Hospital Malaysia
Planetree United States of America
Qinghai Kangle Hospital Co., Ltd. China
Razavi Hospital Islamic Republic of Iran
Seniorvärlden Sweden
Seven Oaks General Hospital Canada
Shenzhen Guangming New District People’s Hospital China
Shenzhen Longhua District Central Hospital China
Shiyan Taihe Hospital China
Shuyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine China
Soroka University Medical Center Israel
Specialized Hospital of St. Zoerardus Nitra-Zobor Slovakia
St. Vincent’s University Hospital Ireland
Taihe County People’s Hospital China
Tartu University Hospital (Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikum) Estonia
Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center Israel
The People’s Hospital of Longhua Shenzhen China
Viljandi Hospital Foundation Estonia
Women & Children’s Health Care Hospital of Luohu, Shenzhen China
Xinxiang Tongmeng Hospital China
Zhongshan Dongfeng People’s Hospital China