The aim of the Task Force on HPH and the Environment is assist the medical community in mitigating the effects of climate change and cultivate the resilience of health care systems to climate change. We provide evidence-based findings and work to visualize environment-related health promotion issies in existing HPH models and tools. Our group represents a broad range of research, practive, and policy expertise in public health, health promotion, climate change, environmental sustainability, and protection.



  • Environment-related mortality in relation to water, air pollution, waste disposal, toxic substances


  • HPH & Environment Symposium, 2018 (Italy), 2019 (Poland), 2021 (Paris)
  • Seminar: Climate, Health & Air Conditioning, 2020


Members and Contact Information

Task Force Leader

Dr. Ming-Nan Lin

Buddhist Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital, Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation



  • Ms. Connie Gan
  • Dr. Hui-Ting Huang
  • Dr. Chin-Lon Lin
  • Mr. Mahesh Nakarmi
  • Mr. Ramon San Pascual
  • Dr. Ying-Wei Wang
  • Ms. Gladys Wong