The 2020 Standards for Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services

The new 2020 Standards for Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services reflect various novel areas of policy, practice, and evidence in order to support a broader implementation of the HPH vision. They build upon years of work within the HPH Network, as well as the developmental work for new standards in areas such as health literate organizations, standards for specific target groups such as the elderly, and thematic areas such as children and adolescent rights, environmental sustainability, and the societal impact of health care.


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The 2020 Standards include 5 overarching Standards:

  1. Demonstrating organizational commitment for HPH
  2. Ensuring access to the service
  3. Enhancing people-centered health care and use involvement
  4. Creating a healthy workplace and health setting
  5. Promoting health in the wider society

Standards can be used by managers and health professionals to:

  • assess health promotion activities in hospitals,
  • improve the capacity of health care organizations in improving health promotion activities,
  • refocus the organization’s strategy to better address overarching health system challenges,
  • involve all professionals and the patient in improving the quality of care,
  • improve the coordination of care with other providers of care,
  • improve the health and safety of staff and patients.

The 2006 Standards 

The original HPH standards have had a major impact on the HPH network and have been positively received by external partners such as scientific associations, health authorities, researchers, and professional bodies. The standards, with self- assessments, were first published in the Manual on Implementing Health Promotion in Hospitals (Groene, 2006), expressing professionally-consented statements on health care structures and processes that should be instituted.

Since the publication of the 2006 Standards, significant changes occurred within the HPH network that required a revision. These are: the need for an overarching standard set that comprises the full vision of the HPH concept, the inclusion of health services, the need to include strategies for empowerment, the emphasis on governance models and leadership roles for the reorientation of health systems, the shift of disease patterns torwards non-communicable diseases, and high-level discussions of universal coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals recognizing broader societal impact of health care organizations.

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