Cooperation Announcement: HPH & Health Care Without Harm

21. February 2022

International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals & Health Services cooperation with Health Care Withouth Harm. Green Hospitals Net-Zero Healthcare worldwide. White globe with green countries and a stethescope.

The International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals & Health Services (HPH) and Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) are proud to announce a new strategic partnership in which we have joined forces to improve healthcare delivery by well managed hospitals to optimize health gain for patients, staff, and the community. With a common set of goals, our partnership will work towards sharing and developing new knowledge, skills, and resources for hospitals and health services to adapt practices that reduce their environmental footprints.

“Through our partnership with Health Care Without Harm we will create a synergy to amplify the common goals of our networks.  We know Healthcare without Harm to be a global leader in recognizing and developing tools for healthcare services to support environmental health. With the release of our 2020 Standards, our partnership will provide our 600+ members with the tools needed to address the climate crisis and to promote health in their local community, by adopting best practices on the path towards net-zero emission health care.”

Dr. Oliver Groene, CEO of the International HPH Network

“It becomes increasingly evident that the health and wellbeing of people and their communities rests on the provision of a high quality natural environment. Hospitals and health services can show leadership by taking action to improve environmental quality for the good of patients, staff and the wider population. By joining forces with HPH we hope to advance environmental and human health more rapidly across an expanding network of hospitals and care providers, and make sustainability a mainstay of the way healthcare is delivered across the world”

William Clark, Executive Director of Health Care Without Harm Europe

About the International HPH Network

HPH’s mission is to work as a global leader, advocate, innovator, researcher, and trusted partner to accelerate the reorientation of health systems and services towards improving health, wellbeing, and health equity outcomes for patients and those who care for them, staff, and populations served, and to support sustainable societies. HPH’s vision is for hospitals and health services to orient their governance models, structures, processes, and culture to optimize health gains of patients, staff and populations served and to support sustainable societies.

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About Health Care Without Harm

HCWH’s mission is to transform healthcare worldwide so that it reduces its environmental footprint, becomes a community anchor for sustainability and a leader in the global movement for environmental health and justice.  HCWH is a network of thousands of hospitals, healthcare leaders and healthcare professionals, with members across the globe. From individuals championing sustainability in their workplaces to large hospitals pushing for sustainable practices, we stand side-by-side, sharing insights, inspiration, and innovation – and transforming how our healthcare systems work.

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