Promoting health in the crisis: Focus on mental health and psychosocial well-being

The COVID-19 outbreak is an unique and unprecedented scenario for many healthcare workers and those responsible in health care facilities. The outbreak of the coronavirus may cause feelings of anxiety and distress amongst all of us, but especially amongst people affected by the virus or people who are at higher risk.

Creating a health promoting environment during this time is a major challenge. At the same time this task is more important than ever. Mental health and psychosocial conditions play a substantial role in promoting health. We would like to give support by ensuring good communication and prepare effective interventions.

Simple and effective: Considerations prepared by the WHO as good orientation


We have provided some information sheets on mental health and psychosocial well-being during the COVID-19 outbreak based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). The original document is linked here.

Use the information sheets for your staff and the patients you are treating. You can distribute them in digital form and in printed form. Do also use the note field on the sheets to e.g. note a contact person.

Usage and translation of the information sheets

The use of the information sheets provided is open to all hospitals, healthcare and rehabilitation facilities, medical practices and services for out-patients – regardless of an HPH membership. If you would like to join our network click here!

We welcome any translation of the information sheets into local language. If you wish to have it in the official HPH design you can send the translated text to and we will send you back the HPH version. Please note that translations provided on this website were submitted voluntarily and we cannot guarantee their accuracy.

More useful resources on the COVID-19 outbreak


Examples are attached of generic COVID-19 health information leaflets. These focus on actions to take during the pandemic. They were prepared by Harvard University in the USA for different target groups (in 30 languages). Recommendations for action may not be applicable in your country so please check and adapt the leaflets as needed!  Please click here to view the leaflets.

For information about person-centered care during the pandemic we recommend the tools and resources provided by Planetree International. Find these tools and resources here.

The International Centre for Migration, Health, and Development has provided us with information sheets on supporting migrants , midwives, and those in community quaratine.