The aim of the Task Force on Health Promotion with Children and Adolescents is to promote childrens and adolescents’ health by involving them in the development and evaluation of healthcare policy and services. We aim to promote good practices and support the monitoring systems of children’s right to health in healthcare settings by addressing the needs of children and adolescents from vulnerable groups and facilitating knowledge exchange in relation to child rights and child health needs. This HPH Task Force has been active since 2004.



  • care pathway on integrated care and patient-centred care for children
  • children, COVID-19 and human rights
  • children as co-researchers




Webinar for Health Professionals

08 April 2024

Interested professionals can visit the website and register here.

Children’s Rights to Play and Participate in Artistic Activities in Healthcare Settings by HPH and RED NOSES!

5. March 2024

Click here to watch the recording on YouTube.

Contact Information

Task Force Leader

Dr. Ilaria Simonelli