Webinar: ‘Integrating Age-friendly Healthcare Towards Healthy Ageing For All’

02. November 2023

The Taskforce on HPH & Age-Friendly Healthcare is organising a free webinar on 23 November 2023 on the topic ‘Integrating age-friendly health care towards healthy ageing for all’ with the International Secretariat of HPH.

This webinar will showcase real-world examples of how age-friendly hospitals can support healthy ageing in our communities. We’ll explore how they promote seamless and well-coordinated care for those needing long-term assistance while addressing the social needs of older individuals seeking healthcare.Our shared goal is to enable healthy ageing for everyone. During this webinar, we’ll not only examine innovative care processes but also discuss effective management policies, teamwork, the use of technology, the creation of age-friendly environments, and collaboration with community partners. This multifaceted approach aims to make integrated care more consistent and universally accessible for older individuals.

To register, please follow the link: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_PmckiGXfQM-Ueu-6b7L7BQ.

For more information on our speakers, please click here.