HPH Task Force Webinar Series:

Actions, practices, and research for the health promotion of children and adolescents in the light of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

To commemorate the anniversary of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, the HPH Task Force on Children and Adolescents and Task Force leader Dr. Ilaria Simonelli invite you to two-part webinar series. Learn about the work of our Task Force and how we work towards including children in the development and evaluation of healthcare policies and services.


Speakers include:

Dr. Ilaria Simonelli, PhD– Task Force Leader, Coordinator of the HPH Network in Trentino, Italy and HPH Governance Board member

Dr. Cristina Iniesta-Blasco MD PhD– Coordinator of the Catalan HPH Network, HPH Governance Board Member

Keriin Katsaros, MPH– Coordinator of the International HPH Secretariat

“Andy” Andrea Mangione Standish, CCLS– President and Founder, Certified Child Life Specialist, Standish Foundation for Children

  • Presentation: “Tame the Pain & Fear” An Introduction and invitation to a virtual training program designed to equip healthcare providers with tools to help kids minimize their needle related fear and pain

Arian Tarbal, Project Manager, Health Promotion and Patient School Direction at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona

  • Presentation: Catalunya’s Lines of work in children’s health promotion: Covid impact on children’s health and response strategies

There will be time for your questions and comments at the end of the webinar- see you there!


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For more information about the Task Force: Click here to visit the webpage for the HPH Task Force on Children and Adolescents

Questions? Email the HPH Secretariat at info@hphnet.org