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Task Force and Working Group: The mission

The Task Force on Health Promotion for Children and Adolescents by Hospitals (HPH-CA) was set up in April 2004 - within the international 'Health Promoting Hospitals' Network - by the WHO European Office of Barcelona, made up of representatives of several Children's Hospitals, European Research Institutes and European Associations.

According to the philosophy of the Health Promoting Hospitals movement and its most recent orientations and experiences, the HPH-CA Task force and the related Working group is developing a project aiming to apply HPH principles and criteria to the specific issues of children and adolescents, providing an organic conceptual and operational framework. 

The HPH-CA Task force and Working group, according to the mission, is developing different thematic areas and related activities.

After the definition and validation of the general logical and operational framework with the main thematic areas and objectives, up to now it has prevalently focused the attention (also for reasons of real feasibility) on the following priority thematic areas: 

  • Definition of a specific conceptual background;
  • Promotion of the respect of children’s rights in hospitals;
  • Mapping and evaluation of current practices of health promotion addressed to children and adolescents in hospitals;
  • Realisation of an HPH-CA Community of practice;
  • Promotion of good practices and support to monitoring systems of Children’s Right to Health in Healthcare settings
  • Addressing of the needs of children and adolescents from vulnerable groups;
  • Facilitatation of knowledge exchange in relation to child rights and child health needs and increase of healthcare professionals health literacy on Children’s Right to Health in Hospitals and Healthcare settings.

The other areas of work: Health promotion needs of children and adolescents; evidence, standards and indicators of health promotion for children and adolescents; recommendations and guidelines of health promotion for children and adolescents by hospitals have been only partially treated.

The Task Force HPH-CA currently has 17 official members, although it collaborates with a larger group of experts based in children's hospitals and other relevant institutions.

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Strategic and Action Plan 


To access information about the work of the Task Force HPH-CA up to 2010 click here  

 For more information contact the Task Force Leader at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Download this file (APPENDIX Task Force2 HPH CA.doc)Appendix to Progress Report 2011-12[ ]92 kB
Download this file (Health Promotion with Children and Adolescents Progress Report 2012.pdf)Progress Report 2011-12[ ]1652 kB
Download this file (Response_3_150527.pdf)Progress Report 2013-14[ ]61 kB
Download this file (TASK FORCE APPENDIX 2014.docx)Appendix to Progress Report 2013-14[ ]21 kB
Download this file (TF Action Plan 2015-2018.pdf)Task Force Action Plan[Key Areas of activity of the Task Force HPH-CA (2015-2018)]294 kB